About Us
Welcome to Thurman’s Bass A Specialty
Guide Service. My goal is to provide you
with a fun filled and exciting fishing
experience, one that you will always
remember. I am fortunate enough to live
on one of the best lakes in the country,
and have the opportunity to share with
others the knowledge and techniques
that I have picked up  through fishing for
pleasure, tournaments and my guide
Nice Black Bass
Fishing Goal:
I want people that fish with me to learn,
enjoy, and catch fish.  Whether you want to
just catch numbers of fish or go after a Big
Bass, I will do my best as a guide to
accomplish your goal.
Eight Pound Black Bass Caught by Betty
About Me:
Bass A Specialty Guide Service was formed in the year 2003 when I
retired after being a policeman for 31 years. During the time I was
working full time I fished as much as possible in local tournaments and
just also for fun. While fishing was able to meet many pro anglers and
guides that encouraged me  that I could do the same thing. After
retirement we moved to Richland Chambers lake where  I began taking
friends fishing, they also asked me why I didn't start a guide service?
After taking the plunge into the professional guide business I
determined that it was much harder to get started than I first thought,  
fishing trips were few and far between. After a time I  began to get a
few trips and now that has grown into what I had hoped it would. I don't
let anything get in the way of having fun on the water, I enjoy what I do
and love meeting new people, I always attempt to learn something new
from everyone I go fishing with, someone always has a new idea or
fishes in a different or better way. I love to structure fish and deep
water is a challenge, you have to learn to read the graph and maps to
locate the good structure that will produce the fish, however if the fish
are shallow that is where we will look for them.
I attempt in every way possible to see that my customers have a great
day on the water, we will make every effort to see that customers catch
good solid fish, however there are times when even the pros can't
catch many fish. Fish have never read a book that tells them where
they should be and when they should cooperate!
I specialize in Largemouth bass, however if they are not cooperating
and the customer wants to chase other species we will do so.
We fish from modern boats that have electronics and trolling motors,
they are as comfortable as they can be, however comfort depends on
the weather and wind conditions. If the weather is very bad and we
have to cancel the trip we will reschedule for another time. I can
furnish all your tackle or you can bring your own favorite. If someone
breaks or looses the tackle it will be added to the bill. The trip is for
eight hours on the water, if the customer wants to go in for lunch we
will do so, if they want to eat in the boat that is OK also. I furnish water
and ice, no other beverages or food is furnished. No alcohol is allowed
in the boat during the fishing trip, that doesn't mix with fishing. Tips are
accepted and are appreciated, I accept cash or check on local banks,
no credit cards are accepted. Deposits of $50.00 are required and will
be refunded if the cancellation is due to reasons beyond the control of
either party.
I welcome the novice
angler,women,children as well as the
experienced angler to come and fish with
Bass A specialty Guide Service.
Double The fun
Two nice Bass
Lake Richland Chamber,
and Other Area Lakes.

To make reservations call


Mailing address
9012 SE County Rd 2175
Corsicana Texas 75109

Local Rates:
50.00 Full Day for 2  
$300.00 Half Day for 2
$100.00 for Third Person.
$50.00 Deposit required.

Pay Pal and Zelle Now Accepted
for all Guide Trips, Deposits and
Gift Certificates.
Young Man with a large Black Bass Fishing with Bass A Specialty Guide Service
Large Mouht Bass caught by Stephen
Large Mouth Bass Caught by Bass A Specialty Guide Service
Caught on 4/12/2010 from   
Lake Richland Chambers
Thurman Selman, Licensed Professional Guide, lifetime member of BASS.
All Rights Reserved.
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